About This Web Site

Welcome to my blog… please have a sit and get comfortable.

Feel free to help yourself from the entries I created recently, yeah… I know the blog so far is not choked with content. This is just because I just started working on it. Give me some time and hopefully you will see more goodies popping up like flowers in spring (only that the flowers here will be my own SQL Server musings and tips).

It will all depend on the time I have to dedicate to reading new SQL Server material and write about it.

I will approach this blog as a space for me to write about new stuff I learn, more like a placeholder to remind myself of different things, features and lessons learning while administering SQL Server. Hopefully my discoveries, lessons learned and failures can also provide you with some insights into what is good, what is not-so-good and what is plain horrible when it comes to SQL Server DBA practices. Also I am hoping you can find here some comments I have to make when playing around with new (and not so new) SQL Server features.

So, with no further ado… I’m unveiling the curtain now… here comes the show!

Have fun exploring,